I have a toshiba laptop running Windows XP SP2. The name of my wireless card is "Atheros AR5001X+ Wireless Network". It is for all three wireless connections
Wireless B: 11.0 mbps connection
Wireless G: 54.0 mbps connection
Wireless A: Not sure


Well, recently I have noticed that I am able to connect to wireless "b" networks, but either of 3 things happen in all my browsers:

1. Keeps trying to connect with any website I go to
2. Starts working for a second perfectly, but then problem No.1 starts
3. Goes extremely slow like I am on a connection 5 times slower than 56k (I am talking about a connection with speeds of 8 megs with optimum online, comcast wireless connections, etc.)

Although, my friends have laptops as well(I am talking about 5 other people) who can connect and can browse easily at the normal speed. My laptop says "connected", and "excellent signal", but I can't browse with any Internet browser. I can't log into AIM, MSN, or any other internet related buisness. Although It clearly says I am connected. Here is the weird part, when I connect to a wireless "G" network, it works perfectly and I can browse with ease like I am right now. I need help because I do my work at a place with an 11.0 mbps "b" connection. Thank you and I hope to here from you guys soon. !!!!

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Sorry for the double post, but recently I have noticed another problem. Sometimes(not always), I'm not even able to connect to any sort of router from a distance, even the one I am using now, although it detects it and is only sending but not receiving. When I try to connect, it says acquiring network address, but never connects. When I go close to the router, it connects easily. I never use to have this problem before. I already tried to repair the connection. It still doesn't work, but this is a problem which occurs "sometimes". The problem in my previous post gets fixed for about 10 seconds when I "repair connection". I need a fix on this problem somehow. Need suggestions. !!!!

ok, this is going to sound really dumb, and slap me it's toooooo bad, but try this.

Shut down all the computers (even the friends). Unplug the modem AND the router for about 1 min. Then plug in the modem and the router and let all the lights do their flasshy things before any of the computers are turned back on.

I've has similar problems before.....:rolleyes:

Hope that helps...

Thanks for trying, but that is usually a fix for when your internet is not working or router related problems. And my problem is not with my router. Like I said, my friends can connect to my router and every other one as well. My problem lies in my "laptop" or my wireless card. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough in my previous post, but I thought, since I was talking generally not mentioning specifically my router, that you would think there is no problem with my router or any other but a problem with my lapotop itself. My modem, router, and my internet connection works perfectly. There is actually a problem with my "laptop", not the router(s), modem, or anything else. And by the way, I think the problem with wireless B and G connections have the same problem. Unless I am about 10 feet away from the router, it doesn't work. Before, I was able to connect from 50 feet away, but now, I can barely connect. Need more suggestions. One more thing, I already ran the troubleshooter, both rolled back and updated the driver for the wireless card, and uninstalled and installed it, but I had no luck. !!!!

Need more suggestions.

Tried another network card? Updated the WLAN drivers?

I updated the drivers a while back but that didn't help. The second thing is that I am trying to avoid using another wireless card since the one I have right now is an internal one, and if I get a new one I will have to use it externally. By the way, the wireless card I have right now use to work perfectly before, but I don't know what is causing the problems I have right now. !!!!

If it's in the laptop, you probably check whether the antenna are well plugged in to miniPCI card. Also, Do not have Microwave or Cordless phone 2.4GHz on. If you laptop has also bluetooth then turn it off.
Change the access point channel from 1 to 6 or to 11.

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