Using an HP Pavilion g series laptop attempting to connect to a Netgear router. That really doesn't matter though because two days ago, I noticed my laptop would start to lose connection to my network when connected over WIFI. Wired in works fine. Today, my laptop shows no WIFI connections from either my phone (tethering) or my router. I am wired in to my cellphone at the moment to post this message but can not figure out how to get this straightened out. My network connections show all adapters connected.

Help, please?
-Clueless in Mississippi

If your laptop is showing no connections (ssid's) active at all, then there is either a hardware or software problem with the laptop. First, shut it down completely. Then, after a couple of minutes try rebooting. If it works then, it is probably a software issue, which can happen if you typically sleep or hibernate your system instead of shutting it down cold. If not, then your WiFi is broken and needs to be replaced. On most laptops, it is an internally connected USB device. If out of warranty, you might be better off getting an external WiFi dongle which won't be too expensive and should work just fine.

If you know how to uninstall the driver and/or upgrading the driver to the newest version, I would recommend that.

A WIFI dongle, like rubberman suggested, is a good, cheap fix too.

Other devices can see the wireless, correct?

Yes other devices can see the wireless so it is not the actual router. However, when this problem first started (a couple days ago) I was able to shut down the computer and restart to be able to make the wireless show back up for a couple of hours before it would "disappear" again. Now when I shut down the wireless still shows no connections. On top of that, the icon that shows the connection now has the symbol of a monitor and a wire (for wired connection) instead of just the monitor (which I have always assumed to be wireless). When going into Control Panel->Network and Settings->Change Adapter Settings, all I see is one Local Area Connection for Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller and another for EasyTether Network Adapter. I think there should be one more for the wireless network, if I'm not mistaken.

I think a contributing factor to this issue is the fact that somewhere along the way I got some type of bug. I noticed a while back that I would get pop up windows when on websites that normally did not give me pop ups. Like almost every single time I clicked a link or something I will get a crackle pop up that starts playing an episode of some TV show (which seriously destroys my bandwidth cap since I have satelite internet). Anyway, this started happening along with other strange stuff, like pages constantly refreshing themselves (I would look in my history and would have about twenty lines of the same website when I had just gotten to said website. Weird

So all of that has been going on for two or three months. Then this issue with the wireless came about. Also, I have just noticed (as of this instance) my battery life is seriously diminshed. And still shows it has 100% charge when it has been off of the charger for an hour and will continue to show it is fully charged until it dies from loss of power.

All of these issues may be unrelated (pop ups and refreshing due to extensions on Google Chrome, battery due to laptop getting old and poor charging habits, and wireless.. well IDK) but I thought I should mention all of these issues to make sure they were unrelated and I wouldn't just get a fix to the symptom without actually identifying the cause of the problem in the first place.

Thank you to both contributers so far and any others that share their knowledge with me. It is GREATLY appreciated.

There may an issue about WIFI hardware, I have too came acrose with this type issue, I opened my laptop bottom side where wifi harware was be showed, I just refresh WIFI connectores Unplug and plug in agin but clean with board cleaner.
My issue was resolved.
Try it, you can easily repair your laptop.

Problem resolved. Come to find out, the drivers were updated but needing to be refreshed (I guess that is the word for it). I uninstalled my driver then rebooted. My computer reinstalled the driver upon startup and viola. Wireless internet has returned.

Thanks for all of the help, guys.

Device manager - Wireless network Adapters - Uninstall them noe reboot the system and try to connect to WIFI .
You can also try to update BIOS on your system

Alright guys things did not last long. I am really without words for what is happening now. I had an issue about an hour ago where my laptop was connected to WiFi but had limited access. Not able to pull up any sites, I disconnected and attempted to reconnect. No luck. After my laptop failed to connect, the Wifi network disappeared. So I went into device manager and uninstalled all network adapters I had (four total), restarted and my laptop automatically reinstalled my network driver software. No dice. I still cannot see any available network over WiFi so I attempted a few more times to uninstall and shutdown for several minutes. Still nothing.

Tell me what I'm doing wrong guys. Or what I might should try to get it working because nothing is helping me out here. I am completely lost.

Thanks in advance for anything that could do the trick.

You might consider replacing your Wifi router. Or you may consult the advice of an expert to convince you. The limited access connectivity is a sign of internet connection problem. It's either there is a problem with the router or the problem is with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

I have also ran into this problem and there was a virus that was embedded into an adobe update. I uninstalled adobe and reinstalled and havent had any issues since