I'm sure this is well above the thousandth thread on this topic, but in browsing for a few minutes a I couldn't find an answer for this specific problem...

I'm trying to share files from a desktop to a laptop. I'm using a wireless network.

here's what I can do:

I can share files from the notebook pc on my desktop. I can see my desktop pc from my notebook. however, I am unable to share files from my desktop to my notebook. when I am on the notebook and attempt to open the desktop in Workgroup Computers, I get a message that says "(computer name) is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this network resource."

the desktop that is successfully sharing files from the notebook is xp-pro. the notebook that is unable to share files from the desktop (even though it sees the desktop) is xp-home.

any ideas?

On the laptop, open an MS-DOS box, run each the following commands, and post the exact results returned by each command:
net view
net view name_of_the_desktop_computer
net use * \\
(Note the asterisk in the last command; it is part of the command)