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<rubberman> Cain & Abel is a password cracking tool.

<Muhammad68> What was the point of that?

<chalobe.lefa> Please take note of the rules, especially the one that states: "Do not ask for help to pursue any illegal activity including, but not limited to, hacking and spamming" - please clarify your question bearing this rule very carefully in mind.


And even if you want to learn how to hack don't mispell this awkward newb question, ask what your trying to do and dont say TELL ME HOW HACK. Be more professional such as how do you secure you're network. Then you do the opposite to perform a hack. But it seems like you don't even know how to type right so you probably won't be able to do what I just said.

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Jack take it form a ugh that's been banned twice... it's not worth it

Also you'd need more info about the site such as you might be able to use it to get root access. But I mean also why did you put it on networking?????????


Jack, probably best not to rant about spelling and then type "how do you secure you're network" when it should be "your network" don't you think? ;-)

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