I am currently renting a room in a house that has comcast, there is an active coax cable that is ran into the room i am renting. I would like to know is there a way that I can connect my own purchased modem to the coax cable in the room so that I can use it as a router and connect multiple devices, if not is there another type of coax to ethernet adapter or device that will allow me to do it?

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If you modem with wifi router then you can connect multiple devices wirelessly. Or else you will have to buy router and then connect it to your modem.


I don't think you quite understand, The house is wired with comcast internet, the owner of the house has her own modem/router, the room is wired with a coax cable, I have contacted comcast and they state you can only have one modem per house hold activated, So I am asking is there a way with the coax cable that is in my room is there a product that i can connect to the coax cable to get an ethernet connection?



This cable is probably a remnant from the cable TV. You don't know where the cable leads or if it is connected anyway right? Don't assume the cable is live and waiting for you.


Well i know the cale is live because i did hook it up to my old modem just to try it and everything pulled a valid ip however it needed to be provisioned so i know it is an active coax cable



Most cable providers use the MAC address of the modem (or computer) to allow you to establish connections to their network. That way if you try to connect with out paying or are late paying they can just turn off the access for the devices MAC address. There is also a physical filter installed on the line running to the modem to prevent interference from the TV signals. You would have to get permission to add your cable modem to the Comcast account owners account and Comcast would have to support connecting more than one modem in a household (they probably due but will want an extra charge of some sort).

So to sum it up it will take some doing and it will not work without Comcast being involved and aware that you are adding the modem.

I would suggest that you do what I do and purchase a Gigabyte switch (8 port gig switch around $39.00, cheaper than a modem) and run a Cat5e or Cat6 Cable straight from the current modem to your switch and you will have 1GB links for all your systems. If you need or want wireless access then buy a wireless router without the modem and run the wire to it. You will have your own segregated wireless network and 1G wired connections for your desktops.

Hope that helps.

  1. Connect the coax cable to the coax outlet. (Only needs to be finger tight.)

  2. Connect the coax cable to the cable modem. (Only needs to be finger tight.)

  3. Connect the Ethernet Cable (telephone like cable) to the computer. You should hear a click as it connects.

  4. Connect the Ethernet Cable (telephone like cable) to the cable modem. You should hear a click as it connects

  5. Plug the power cord into the cable modem

  6. Plug the power cord into the wall power outlet.

  7. The lights should cycle and then lock onto a steady pattern. (Actual light pattern is dependent on the cable modem model.)

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