I have a wireless network at my house - Level One router with 2 computers surfing without having any problem.
I just got a new laptop from work but I can't make it surf any web page. It recognizes my network and gets an IP address which is very similar to the addresses of the other two computers in the network, but when I open IE it keeps saying: "internet explorer could not open the search page".
I tried pinging some websites and it seems ok (got reply). Any ideas?

IE on your work laptop is almost certainly configured to use a Proxy server for surfing the internet.

In Tools menu -> internet options.....

Sheesh download firefox on another pc, copy installer to a USB stick or copy acroos your network (that bits working) install it and forget IE.

But if you MUST stick with IE, carrying on form where I left off on the Connections tab, click the LAN Settings button. Uncheck the "Use a proxy server....blah"

Don't forget to put it back when you get back to work.

I found Firefox just deals with it at home and work for my laptop so I stuck with it and havn't looked back.

It seems like it solved the problem, but I couldn't understand exactly what you meant:
Should I use only FF? Should I use both IE and FF with the "use proxy server" checked in IE and unchecked in FF?

And another question - I can't read e-mails from work. And idea about how to config my mailbox (microsoft exchange) to receive e-mails from home?


Should I use only FF

I found that suited me best and even though I had my works proxy server set in options, FF seemed to be able to fall back to direct connection when I was at home by itself, so I found that easier. Plus FF has so many more add-ins and stuff that make surfing a pleasure. There's even a FireFox extension that allows you to use IE renderig engine inside an FF tab, so you can still browse IE only sites using FF.

To read emails on your exchange server at work you need a VPN connection to your office. The exchange server will most likely be inside your works private network not on the internet. Unless your I.T. have published the web outlook front end. There could be many different set-ups I couldn't possibly guess how your company is set-up, sorry.