We have a linksys BEFSX41 at our Main office that is running two vpn's to our branch offices. both of our branch offices have BEFSX41's as well. We have been running fine for about 2 years and then all of a sudden 6 months ago we started having problems. The problems are basically when we go into the router and lets say we open a port at our main office. When we click save and do a soft reboot, it will disconnect both vpn's to our branch offices. Now ok so the vpn is disconnected, just go to the vpn tab and click connect on them both right. Nope that will not work, in order to get the vpns back up and running, the BEFSX41 in the main office must be powered off and turned back on.
So now lets say at Branch1 we want to open a port. So we configure the port and click save to do a soft reset. The VPN between the main office and this branch1 will go down and you cannot connect it. Meanwhile the VPN between the main office and BRANCH2 will stay up. Once again the only way to reconnect the VPN is power off the main office router and power off branch1 router and turn both back on, then the vpn will connect again.
Now also another problem that takes down the VPN's is pcanywhere. At the main office we use pcanywhere to connect to all the remote computers at the two branches. Since this VPN problem started, anytime we connect to a remote computer either at Branch1 or Branch2, we can connect fine do anything we need to do, but when we go to disconnect from the client machine, then the VPN goes down again. Once again the only way to get the VPN back up is to power off the router at the main office.
We have attemped to fix the problem by replacing the router at the main office, which did not help. We also attemped to upgrade to the latest firmware from linksys, did not help. We have played around with MTU settings and still no resolution.
If anyone has ever had this problem before a little help would be much appreciated. We dont know if its hardware/or connection or what. Its mighty puzzling.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.