I need to configure a proxy on my local machine to use an upstream proxy (installed on another machine). The upstream proxy requires Digest/NTLM authorization. I want the local proxy to deal with the upstream proxy's authorization details and provides authorization free access to users that connect to it through my local proxy.

Users (1 ..n) -> LocalProxy(no auth) -> UpstreamProxy(Digest/NTLM auth) -> Customer n/w

This is easy to do when the upstream proxy uses Basic Auth but I don't see how to do it for Digest/NTLM Auth. I see Burp, ZAP can probably do the job but I need a command line solution. Any suggestions ?


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i am sorry, but you are configuring on Linux or what?

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i am sorry, but you are configuring on Linux or what?

Yes, all clients and proxies are running Linux. I am using CentOS 6.x for this setup.

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