Can 2 identical IPs with different subnet masks be on the same LAN? I know you'd have to route to get between them, but is it acceptable to use the same set of IPs on 2 different subnets?

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No. Will not work. It does not matter what subnet they are on, having the same IP would cause a conflict in the LAN's ARP table which says which MAC address is being referred to by the IP in question. When an address is referenced on the lan the subnet is not published with it. Subnets only tell you what addresses are local versus ones that you have to use the gateway to get to. The only way we are able to use the same IP's (public IP ranges 192.168.X.X or 10.0.X.X, etc.) is because those IP's are behind routers that translate the address (NAT) for us as packets are transmitted b ack and forth.


Sphinx'LostNose- I do apologize and fully read your question. I now realize what you what to accomplish, and the answer is no.

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