Everytime I type in the address, I receive a message "Internet Explorer Cannot Display

Webpage". I have tried this several times and it doesn't connect me to the website.


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are you serious with what you doing with that ip address?

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are you serious with what you doing with that ip address?

192.168.X.X is a private IP range of numbers, most of the cases used by your default gateway. It is possible to set up a server running on that address but has to be done by you, if you haven't don't expect connection there. If you are looking to 'connect' to your router's GUI configuration it might be instead but to make sure use command ipconfig on windows systems and ifconfig on linux system to check what it shows after default gateway and then use

Oh, and if you are trying to connect to a server on your local machine either use localhost or

Like Slavi said, this address range is reserved for local network addresses (e.g., for everything plugged to your router).

The usual reason for typing such an address in a web-browser is to access your router's configuration page (a small web-page server that your router runs to provide you with a GUI to configure it). Different routers use different addresses by default, it mostly depends on the company who made the router. Usually, they use an address in the low ranges. Common ones are,,,, and so on.. If you don't want to just go by trial and error (which will not take long), you can just lookup what the default address is for your brand of router, or, do as Slavi suggests, which is to find out what your default gateway address is (which is usually the router's address), through ipconfig / ifconfig or some "properties" panel of your connection (e.g., if you are using Windows).

Thanks for your ideas guys about address,

I got some ideas and I will try.

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