I have DSL router and I also have aa linksys router. My question can I connect the linksys to the dsl router? I am running out of IP on the dsl router
Thanks everyone

Tell more. The usual LAN and such can support about 254 IP addresses. What is "running out of IP" since it can't be addresses unless there are config errors there or you really do have 250 clients.

he probably means physical connections :)
Can only plug in so many cables after all.

And yes, you can plug in a switch or router into your DSL modem/router.

Hello thanks for thee answer . I did get it going I had to turn on Bridge mode on the dsl/router .Once that was done I plugged my desktop in . and it works. It is in plugged still as I doe this..
Thanks guys So much for the help

You only want one router per subnet. Most can be configured for some number of dhcp (dynamically assigned addresses) as well as some number of static local addresses. If you need more dhcp addresses, then reduce the number of static addresses (while making sure you don't need them for things like local servers).

Commercial routers can handle multiple subnets, but SOHO ones (small office / home routers) cannot.