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I'm wanting to know if anyone has an idea on how to distribute wifi throughout a motel?
The idea I got is kind of simple but the thing is how do I set certain bandwidth of guests/rooms? so when a guest checks in they are given like 1GB for example then when they use it they can purchase more then the manager just adds in however much they pay for. My idea was just adding users however what routers can I use?

Here is my plan:

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That seems like a lot of routers/modems. Are these rooms huge?

Controlling access to wifi is easy enough with radius on the backend, many wifi portals also offer this type of service.

Have you considered bringing in a contractor to set this up for you....

I know, which is why I was maybe thinking wireless access point might be a better solution. The rooms aren't all that big, but what do you mean by radius? The modem/router in the office nearly reaches room 1.

As far as a contractor goes I wouldn't be on here asking about this and we've already check prices and it's around $5,000 and the manager isn't prepared to spend that much.

Oh cool thanks.

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