My Relink netork card has disconnected
It is a USB type with a remote aerial Type RT2571 USB WLAN Adaptor according to the information on the aerial
I have tried the following so far
Changed WZC to automatic - no change
Checked system hardware for faults under Network adaptors and there are none shown
Run ipconfig /all
with the following response for the particular network card

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection
Media state.............Media disconnected
Description .............RT73 USB Wireless LAN Card
Physical Address.......00-0C-43-A0-D2-6B

Can someone advise what is the next thing I vneed to check or do please - I am at the limit of my low knowledge on this. Thanks

The card may be broken. You can remove the entry for the card from your hardware management page and then restart the computer (a full shuntdown and then power it back on). When the operating system starts it will scan for new hardware and reinstall the driver for the card. If it is still showing this problem after you do that, then the card itself is probably at fault.

Many thanks - I reinstalled the driver as per your suggestion