I have a WIndows Server 2003 unit which runs DHCP. Lately, no one is able to connect to our WiFi access point; and even plugging an Ethernet patch cable into the wall usually results in no IP address being assigned to that device...so no INternet.

I'm not that familiar with DHCP, but it seems like we've "run out of IP addresses."

Our network is the range. We do have a block of about 20 addresses reserved for our SIP trunk phones, and maybe 10 addresses near the bottom end reserved for servers, printers, etc...but why are the other 100+ addresses seemingly not available? How can I make them available?

Thanks in advance.

What reservation length did you setup on your scope? IF you set it to never expire, then you you can be out of addresses.
For wifi, I use 8 hour to 1 day, for Ethernet based scopes, I use 7 days. But those numbers are totally up to you.

Look at your server's dhcp panel....
Is the scope active?
How many leases are currently in use?
Is DHCP services running?

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WIndows 2003's DHCP panel should show you the active leases, and from there, you should be able to determine who/what is consuming them.

It also sounds like you are a business. Take the time and move everything off of the 192.168.1.x subnet, as eventually, someone will ask you to VPN one day, and have that same subnet at their home, and that will create a routing nightmare. Change yours to or something else off the beaten path, so you have some routing flexibility.

I agree to also examine your lease expirations, and have things clean up from there.

Also, Windows 2003 is no longer officially supported by Microsoft. Might be time to upgrade that server.


Your request is not completely clear. Apparently, connections were available and you must have already assigned out over 200 ip addresses, that you could have exausted all is unlikely. DHCP us definately functional since you are only concerned with the balance 100+ IP addresses not being assigned. About the patch cable, since you are wall connecting, you have not provided enough information such as an active or passive switch, or how your router handles connectivity.