my internet only works after i do a system restore, does anyone know what might be causing this problem?

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my internet only works after i do a system restor

What happens after you do the system restore? if works for how long? what event occurs for it to stop working? did you recently install anything?


i am not really sure what happens, nor how long it works. usally when i wake up in the morning.. it aint working anymore.. before i go to sleep it is fine.. but when i wake up it has the yellow triangle.. and after the restart, only thing that is changed is that starts working again.. i am not sure what is going on.


it has not messed up in a while. i think i might know what was ging wrong. i have a wireless router, and an extender, i am pluged into the extender with a ethernet cord, and the internet was going in an out, it has not gone out for a while now. so i think that was the problem. ty for your help. very nice people here..

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