Hello, hope someone could possible help me.
I have recently upgraded my PC with a new:
Since this I haven't had any signal to my monitor. I have made sure all the cables are in the correct places and I have tried my other graphics card to see if it was the graphics card(still no joy). The motherboard lights all light up and the HDD drives and all the fans work. The only thing I can think of is I haven't installed my motherboard drivers with the CD you get provided with the motherboard. I haven't done this because:
1- My CD Drive doesn't work
2- I can't get signal to my monitor to select options on the installation.
If anyone could help me it would be much appreciated.

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  1. No CD is needed for this sort of trouble.
  2. Tell more. Does the BIOS screen show up?

Here's a COMMON GAFFE. When folk install a motherboard they often short out the board by leaving mounting posts where they should be none. That and a jumper in the wrong spot. Check your work.

All of the mounting posts and the jumper is in the corrdcy place. Also before the upgrade my CD drive still didn't work but yet my computer and the monitor worked together.
Also nothing loads up my monitor just said "No Input" as soon as my computer gets booted. I have also tried a different monitor and HDMI lead, still did nothing.
I have tried using the graphics card HDMI port and the on board HDMI port still no joy

Then its time to reduce the parts till it works. We don't need a case, CD drive or HDD/SSD and what else can we go without?
Aim for a BIOS screen.

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