Any one Some Tell me Who Cable is Best Category 6 and 6A

Re: Who Cables are Best Use 80 80

Wait a second. You sell these and you don't know? iTechCables or such must be an awful source for you and others.

That aside, I use AmazonBasics all the time. Zero problems.

Re: Who Cables are Best Use 80 80


I presume that you are trying to shame the poster for what might be a "shill" posting due to their forum signature.

However, that's not the way that marketing and SEO works. Forum signatures do not show up when you're not logged in, and therefore they do not show up to Google. Had you left it alone, they would have gotten absolutely zero credit for their forum signature in the world of SEO.

However, Google is able to understand when brands are mentioned or discussed, even if they are not linked to. For example, if there were a post where I referred to Yahoo!, it would be very clear what I was talking about without there having to be a link to Additionally, Google understands that this is a Q&A page, and that you are a trustworthy member with a high reputation.

What I'm getting at is that what Google sees right now is a question asking for whose cables are best and iTechCables being mentioned as the first response by a highly trustworthy member of the Q&A site. As a result, because Google recognizes that brand as a cable brand, and the question is asking about cable brands, will begin ranking higher if someone looks for best cables in Google. Yes, the amount that you influence Google's rank does have to do with your DaniWeb reputation. Google understands member profiles in Q&A sites. If it were an actual shill post where the original poster created a dummy account actually linking to iTechCables in a post reply, it probably would not carry as much weight in Google's eyes as a highly reputable member of DaniWeb simply mentioning the brand.

Re: Who Cables are Best Use 80 80

Thanks Dani. I recall this or all too similar posting on that other forum and they were banned for this. I did not look at their tagline. I looked at their profile.

The question is a form of shilling and as such I have no problem with a little shaming.

PS. We used to let this slide in the past but 99.99% of the time the shill gets answers leading to their own company. As I wrote, we used to let posts like this slide but as all turned into shill posts, the rules changed and they get knocked out immediately as disingenuous and shilling.

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