Do you guys have any examples of networking terminology that some people pronounce in different ways that completely throw you off?

Similar to GIF vs JIF but networking related.

For example, there are different ways people choose to pronounce GUI, OSI, and CCIX. Any other curious examples?

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Some tend to be a pedant about this. For me, I'll skip past this to try to get to the person's real question.

As a Network Engineer,
I had heard many people misproounce simple such terminology such as EIGRP and IGRP in my experience, others not so much than GIF which utmost people say gift. What throws me off are the misprouncation of RIP and basic protocols, since it is a difficult field fulfilled with accroynms and terminologies, everyone says something wrong, for example, I once accidentally said "Let's troubleshoot, could be the Domain Name System" yet should be Service hence it being a L7 and often provided by Windows Server 2016/19.

PS changing my name and stuff, new here as i used this when really young but coming back, so forgive me if i don't reply XD

The following are some of the networking terminology that most people pronounce incorrectly:

  • SQL used to be SEQUEL
  • SUS server
  • VPN as a vippen
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The one that I stumble over, even decades after getting it "corrected", is URL. Learning networking concepts from books rather than a classroom, I still tend to read that as one syllable ("earl") instead of the accepted pronunciation as letters spelled out ("you are ell") . Occasonally I still have that lapse in converstion. (...along with "earn" and "Yuri" instead of "you are in" and "you are I".)

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I will add a few more that I missed previously:

  • Rooters vs routers
  • WMI as wimmy
  • UEFI as You fee
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The other day I heard "C double plus"!

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Here are few Examples I heared people pronounce wrong.

SQL used to be SEQUEL
SUS server
VPN as a vippen

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