Why am I able to pick up wifi signal from my neibor on my galaxy s4 phone but not my home pc. I have the latest wifi card installed. It jyst seems to me if my phone will pick up a certain wifi signal then my computer should.

Galaxy S4 is able to pick up 5GHz networks, I have found this situation also where laptops will not pick up a network but my mobile devices will. The thing you need to find out is what mode the wifi is broadcasting on, there are a couple, perhaps this needs to be indicated to your home pc via the wireless settings and then there is the channel. Make sure that the channel is not different on your pc from the broadcasting wireless router. Download a wireless network tool for your adapter and see if you can't discover the network. Another cool trick that I've learnt is that an Ubuntu live CD is great for troubleshooting, most cases it picks up the hardware and configures everything then I am able to see if there is really a hardware issue. Believe it or not, things work in Linux which don't work in Windows (I am assuming of course you are on a Microsoft operating system). If you are on a Mac computer there are some other things you can try. I will wait for your response.

i think you have given some IP Address. Go to Internet Protocol Version 4 and Click on Obtain an IP address Automatically.

WiFi access points can run at 2.4 or 5 GHz. It may be that your PC doesn't support the frequency of the AP, such as 5GHz as mentioned, which the Galaxy phone does. If you go to the wireless network settings of the Galaxy, it may tell you what frequency the AP is using.