Alright the basic problem is our computer has completely stopped connecting to the internet.

Here is the basic info about the computer

  • Its running windows XP
  • Is using a VIA Rhine II Fast Ehternet adapter
  • Connected to a Linksys BEFSR41 router
  • Every other computer connected to the same router are able to connect to eachother and the internet just fine

Before the internet stopped working, I was trying (unsuccessfully) to configure the computer to be a pcanywhere host, when I stopped working on that problem, the computer was still able to connect to the internet. The next day however it completely stopped working. It won't load google or any other page, it will however, connect to adaware and download updates, but it will not connect to anything else.

It cannot be accessed by other computers on the LAN. Since this problem has occured, I have restored everything to its original defaults, and still have been unsuccessful in fixing the situation.

Windows XP says it is connected to the router, but it cannot renew the IP address, when I try to repair the connection. I have tried unplugging the computer from the router, and using a different spot on the router, that did not work either.

Any help or input on this would be greatly appreciated, as I do not know that much about networking, and may have accidentally screwed up.