1 - What Is Directory Service In Linux?

2- Investigate, in details, the implementations of Directory Services under Linux only (i.e. Not Active Directory).

3 - Design and implement one of the Directory Services available under Linux using the Red Hat Fedora Core 5 system we have in the lab. The implementation should also include the use of DNS and DHCP server. Your implementation will require 1 PC running a Fedora Core 5 Virtual Machine plus a Client (either XP or another FC5 VM).

Please Can Any One Help Me .....!
waiting for hopefull response
Thank You In Advance
Saqib Azhar

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Do not post homework problems expecting a quick answer without showing any effort yourself.

Look, we're not going to do your homework for you. See the DaniWeb rules.

To start off, I would suggest using Google to find out more about Directory Services, and I am sure you will find helpful articles not only about Directory Services, but how to implement them and troubleshoot them. If you have a specific question or problem, feel free to post it here. Thanks.

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