I just got a new ADSL Router today and was looking on http://www.portforward.com/ for information regarding the configuration of the router. It was when I went to that site, and looked through the names of the different brands of router, that I realised that I had no idea who made mine. There's no name, no website, no copyright info, nothing! The box, the modem, and the instruction manual are all devoid of any sign of ownership, as is the configuration page which is reached at The default username and password are admin and epicrouter, respectively. Google gave me a few results with those details, but none of them were relevant to this particular device. I've searched the web for about an hour straight looking for it, to no avail. The full name of the device, as it is on the box, is:

ADSL Router
Annex A
Integrated 4 port 10/100Mbps switch

What I believe to be the model number is: IS35734-CO although a search in Google turned up nothing.

The serial number which is stuck on the box is: FC090A28D5B00232 Again, a search turned up nothing.

The only other number I found was on the lip of the box, which appears to be the code for the box itself and not relevant to the device, but here it is anyway:
D58-02026-11 this also turned up nothing in Google.

The most likely thing which would identify this is the logo on the box, which I've attached as a separate picture, close-up. Also attached is a picture of the router itself, as well as the face of the box it came in. Does anyone recognise any of this? There's not even a guarentee with the thing, which is strange.

I would call the shop where I bought it, but they are closed and won't be open again for a few days, so I thought I'd try you guys first ;)

Thanks for your time.

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try using everest by Lavalys, Inc. It´s a great program and should be able to find the manufacturer for you, as well as give you a report about everything on your system...It´s come in handy for me several times...

commented: good pointer - this program helped me +1

LOL It never even occured to me to try something like that. Thanks for the tip! I'm getting Everest as I type this hehe. A trial version should suffice.

Thanks a lot Zeroth :)

Glad to advise, sometimes the simplest of solutions is the hardest to figure. Let us know if that solves the problem...:)


i'm also having the same difficulties with this particular router. i have tried the default username and passwords (admin and epicrouter) but these do not work, even after resetting the device. Just wondering if you have had any luck in figuring out how to log into the router since you posted this question!?



I think I may have found a possible match for our router. Check this out:


The only visible difference between these routers and our router is the little logo in the centre; in our case, it reads "ADSL Router", in the case of PTI's router, it says "PTI". I'm thinking that maybe our router is a very old and possibly discontinued model.

I contacted PTI, asking them if they could identify our router as one of their own. Still waiting :) Their routers use the same firmware as ours (or at least use a firmware with the same name!) and the instructions on http://www.portforward.com/ show screenshots that look a lot like the setup screen in our router:


If/when PTI replies to me, I'll post whatever they say here, but if anyone else can shed any light on this in the meantime please do :)


Great news! After 2 years of detective work, it has now be confirmed that our mystery router is indeed a PTI.

The firmware version I stated when I wrote to them is the latest version as of this date, so no updating required :)

Although this is a PTI router, the guides on http://www.portforward.com/ don't specifically cover this model. The closest thing to it I have found is the "PTI-840", and the guide for this router can be found here.

I can't believe it took so long to work this out lol.

Cheers :D

If anyone would like to post their firmware version and customer software version it would be useful
From this we can identify the chipset used ie(conexant) and the model number thus making upgrades easyer to find
Thanks in advance

Firmware Version: CX82xxx_4.1.0.21
Customer Software Version: 8X0_NB_121404.01FA

Didn't occur to me to add this info to my first post. I was discussing the problem in another thread and mentioned it there - that must have been why I forgot to add it here hehehe.


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