Ok, so I am probably posting this in the wrong place (and don't tell me to try Limewire's website, because I already have and I can't find a solution to my problem from there lol)..but the problem I am having is, not only doesn't Limewire connect 3/4 of the time from either the desktop pc or my laptop, but when I try to start it, it shuts down my entire internet connection! Both pcs have Windows XP Home on them...we both have McAfee and AOL's Safety & Security going...I'm not sure about the desktop, but my laptop does not have Windows Firewall enbabled. I just don't understand that not only will Limewire not connect, but why do I lose my internet connection? I have reset the whole router and dsl. I hope someone can PLEASE help me with this... It's been driving me crazy for monthis! :!:

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Limewire is a bandwidth hog, so you shouldn't be using it, that's probably why you're losing your connection.

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