hey there. I have a problem with my wireless internet and any help would be appreciated. Ok.. on the first story of my house there is a Efficient Networks SpeedStream 5200 - Router - DSL connected to a phoneline. This router is connected to a Linksys Wireless-B Cable/DSL Router. A laptop is set up beside which uses the internet. My computer(this one) is upstairs in the house and is also connected to the wireless internet. Now, the problem with this is that every couple days (some days worse than others) the internet disconnects for a range of 5-25 minutes, then reconnects. When I read the icon on my toolbar for the wireless internet it says that the internet is running at an excellent signal strength and is still connected even when the browser says that it is not. This problem can be solved by disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord to the Efficient Networks SpeedStream 5200 - Router but it is a real pain in the neck to do that and i would also just like to know what the problem is.. i know this is a very broad subject but any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks alot

now i had the same problem, as i have a similar set up, i have a alcatel speedtouch 205 going to a parkervision wireless d2d router, i was able to set up the modem over ip, i.e went to for modem, and for router, now the fact you still have good signal is nothing to worry about, just means it your modem dropping the connection, is your modem getting hot? or is it on an extention cable from a spur telephone socket - not the master, you could try ringing your isp, they may have some answers, i mean aol sent me a new modem because of it, no probs since.