I can't connect to our router... there's more than a PC that is connected to the router... about 5 PC's... I've ping the router's IP address yet there's no internet connection. By the way, all PCs were sharing internet connected to the router. I'm using a WIFI connection. All other PCs have internet connection except for the one I'm using. T_T please help!!! these are the other details of my connection... I'm using Win XP SP2...

The router's IP address is please help!!!:rolleyes:
The default gate way is similar to the router's IP address no problem with that...
I wonder now... T_T

Thats because you are not able to get an IP from the DHCP

is your pc the only "wifi" out of the 6 pcs connected to the router ?

if yes then please do check the wireless configuration in the router

go to one of the connected computers, copy the router ip in the web browser and go to Wireless configuration and give a snap shot of whatever you see.

maybe you have to add your LAN physical address to the router as well depending on the Router conf.