i've searched around the site and found some threads, but i couldn't really understand them, so i started this...

first off, i have 3 computers connected to a router, then to a dsl modem... all wired...

my computer connected to the internet fine in the morning and evening after i got home from work. it was hot today, so i turned it off briefly, but when i turn it back on again, it won't connect to the internet.

since i have 2 more computers at home, thought i'd try them, they can connect to the internet (i'm on one of them now...)

i don't believe this is a virus/spyware problem because i disconnect from the internet manually when i'm not on it...

i'd appreciate it if anyone can help me since i can't stay on this computer too long. thanks in advance

by the way, i can't even connect to the router on that computer

is ur computer set up for DHCP or does it have a FIXED IP

DHCP, i believe, since i have dynamic ip
i checked the settings on it and it has automatically obtain ip address and dns server address checked


i try to do ipconfig/all, but it gives me an error saying request cannot be completed

help! this is driving me a little nuts... getting used to using my laptop is good, but i don't want to use it for good~~

have you tryied connecting the computer directly to th modem to see if it connects that way? here is the proper command for looking at the ip's ipconfig /all u need to have a space after the ipconfig.

i tried connecting just to the modem, but still nothing

ipconfig /all
gives me the same error

if i do just ipconfig, it gives me the same error too

another thing you can try iis to right click on mycomputer then select manage then device manager, loook for network adapters then nic card or ethernet card then right click on it and uninstall it. after you uninstall the ethernet card reboot. this might work. if this doesnt do it and if ur card is a pci slot nic card remove it then reslot it and see what happens

ok, i just tried that, the card reinstalls itself when i rebooted, but still doesn't recognize the connections...

from what i can see, my card is built onto the motherboard...

by chance are you use a firewall? if so try to disable it and see what happens. can you also tell me the Ip you are getting now.

i use the windows firewall...
i still can't get an ip after i disable the firewall...

i get an error when i try to use that ipconfig, so i'm not getting anything at all

Can you post the make and model of your router?

d-link di 604
but i don't think it has anything to do with the router, since it works fine with the other computers
and the computer with the problem doesn't recognize the connection even if i connect it just to the modem

i think you should try using a pci ethernet card or a usb and see if it works.

i guess i'll try that... if that doesn't work, i think i'll just get a new computer... they're not that expensive nowadays...

thanks a lot~ ^_^

you don't need to buy a new computer, if it doesnt work you can always reinstall windows. this will work if it is software related, but if its hardware then putting a new ethernet card should work too.

i guess i'll try that... if that doesn't work, i think i'll just get a new computer... they're not that expensive nowadays...

thanks a lot~ ^_^

That's not a great way to go about it. If the router is broken, then get a new router, far cheaper than buying a new computer.

tried a new ethernet card and the router does work...

i called my vendor and they said that something related to the connection thing is built into the computer... and i looked at it, it's on the motherboard... then i'd have to change the whole motherboard for it to work? and if it's just one part, it's still on the motherboard, then it requires shouldering? then i'd have to bring it some place, have them fix it... it might cost me even more to fix it then to buy a new one...

Simple, buy a new ethernet card and disable the onboard ethernet.