I ugraded from an SMC Router to a Netgear WNR854T Router. I could not access my network or internet with the SMC card adapter in my laptop so I bought a Netgear WN511T card adapter. I can now connect to my network and internet. When I close the lid on the laptop it goes into standby. When I open the lid the laptop resumes but I can't connect to the network or internet. If I open Network Connections and disable the card and then enable it, I can connect again. Also if I restart the laptop I can connect again. This was not necessary with the SMC Router and card adapter. I have XP Prof on the desktop that the Router is connected to and XP Home on the laptop. I talked to the Tech Support folks at Netgear, but they were unable to help. I would appreciate any suggestions.

I think the problem is the card. since it loses power when the computer is on standby, it's not smart enough to recognize that the computer has power again, which is why you have to disable it and enable it. I'm not sure there's much you can do.