I have Blueyonder cable a Surfboard modem {cable]
Then a Netgear 614v3 router
win xp
I set up the router for emule and azurus with a great deal of bother as I am just learning about routers and this router is a pig to work with.
now I have a Nintendo DS to set up as I have a cable modem and router all the help I have looked for is for wireless. the Nintendo has a USB stick for connecting to my pc.
I set it up and all looked ok till the last part of the Nintendo test and it failed.
After this it kicked my emule to low ID .

I get a new icon in my connections and my main one now has a little hand on it and said it is sharing.

The problem I have first is were to start the Nintendo the router or the pc can you help

I'm not sure what you mean. What do you want to accomplish?

After installing the Nintendo DS with the USB stick should I then have this second icon and were should I start with the router something is changing my set up and affecting emule . should I set the Nintendo up as static IP my router range is 1 to 10 but when I install the Nintendo it has a 1.01 and my router is 0. number of pc or laptop.
When I change the Nintendo settings to a IP that is in the router range the Nintendo comes up invalid entry.
I want if I can my pc with emule and Azureus to work as is and the Nintendo DS with USB to function.
Is this the best router for me I have asked Blueyonder but they give NO comment .

set router as dhcp server and ds to have dynamic ip.