I have 4 unwanted networks in my Microsoft Windows Network. I had a feeling I was being monitored for quite some time over my router. After doing countless scans and doing simple things like making sure simple file sharing was disabled and not allowing any folders or documents to be shared over windows firewall I thought I was safe over my network But I haven’t been able to access any of my workgroups that I don't want to be in. I think the other side of my network a user on the other computer in my house is browsing through my files using one of these network places. This is possible right? Can someone first tell me all the precautions I can take to make sure no one can view my files through my router by disabling ever type of file sharing method there is. Secondly I get this workgroup is not accessible you may not have permission error when trying to access my workgroup computers. Is workgroup computers just a custom network name or does it actually show me all the computers connected to me. Either way its suspicious I can't access it and I'd like to know how I can get around that pop up. Yes this is my computer and I have administrative rights on it. Here are all the strange networks I'd like to reconfigure so my computer won't be apart of them. Network mapping is disabled on each one. http://img255.imageshack.us/img255/1741/ahaehahacv8.png

this require clarification "But I haven’t been able to access any of my workgroups that I don't want to be in."
"This is possible right?" yes and no.
before you move on from here "Secondly I get this workgroup" you need to DELETE all of the networking profiles that you have and re-establish the most important one at a time.
"workgroup" is a generic workgroup name, second, no, you can't if you don't have permissions set up on the specific servers in the workgroup. disabeling network mapping is a permanent road block that will get you nowhere.