I have a network with 60 pc with winxp and One server for authentication. The network is too slow with the workstations have the dns for the IPS , but network becomes very slow to login. I built an inyternet DNS. and the nretwork is very to login and browsethu . it. Now the DSL modem freeze almost very hour. How could I fix this problem


Ok...its hard interpreting what you're trying to say here but I'm going to do my best to help.

The "one sever for authentication"...is it configured as a Domain Controller? DNS Server?

As an internal DNS server it should not be hosting a root zone ("."), but instead <domainname>. I would run both forward and reverse lookup zones and configure the server to forward all other domains to your ISP's DNS Servers.

Additionally, I think 60 users on DSL is asking a bit too much from a DSL line. You might want to consider getting another DSL, Cable, or T1 connection to the internet. You could also multihone the connections for resiliency, and I would recommend having a second internal DNS server as well.

Active Directory relies heavily on DNS, and so does the CEO's internet...so running 2 internal DNS servers will help keep things working during a reboot/crash etc.

Try this out and let me know how it works out for you.