i recently turned off a bunch of services that i don't need and for some reason the dependencies description for services is no longer showing up. could it be a service i turned off? i researched them all first and this was never mentioned.

Application Management
Background Intelligent Transfer Service
Computer Browser
Distributed Link Tracking Client
Distributed Transaction Coordinator
Error Reporting Service
Help and Support
Human Interface Device Access
Indexing Service
IPSEC Services
Logical Disk Manager
Logical Disk Manager Administrative
Network DDE
Network DDE DSDM
NT LM Security Support Provider
Performance Logs and Alerts
Portable Media Serial Number
Remote Procedure Call Locator
Removable Storage
Smart Card
Smart Card Helper
System Restore Service
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Volume Shadow Copy
Windows Image Acquisition
Windows Installer
WMI Performance Adapter
Alerter (default setting in XP Service Pack 2)
Fast User Switching Compatibility
Messenger (default setting in XP Service Pack 2)
NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing
Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
Remote Registry
Routing and Remote Access
SSDP Discovery Service
Terminal Services
Universal Plug and Play Device Host
Computer Browser
Net Logon

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I suspect that the WMI Performance Adapter is the culprit. Try starting it up again.

Or maybe not - apologies. Are other WMI services running OK? Everything I've seen points to some sort of WMI error.

Also, do you mean that the Dependencies tab is missing, or just that you see no dependencies listed?

everything's running fine and the tabs no missing the dependencies aren't showing up. i mean i can research them externally and find out, but this is a pain.

hold the phone, i just turned WMI back on and that was it. how did you guess?

I guess that he didn't guess. That was deep knowledge and/or experience! :cheesy:

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