I want to design the network on windows 2003.
what is the basic configuration of pc for client as well as server.
Can any body help me what is the configuration for client ???
and what is the configuration for server???

Thanks in advance.


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well, i think that you're talking about a domain. you need active directory on the window server. if you want it to be a router you need two nics, dhcp, and dns services on it. you'll also need a domain name, or you can make up your own name as long as it ends in ".local"

for the client, you need to have xp pro, because home can't join domains.

it's not very hard to do. and next time, don't ask the same question 3 times.


Oh Sorry !,
For three times, well I am new comer for this site thats why i make such mistake , but next time i will tke care.
and thanks for your reply.

and can you help me for one more question ?
can xp pro support celeron ???
and what major configuration is required for server 2003.
I mean about RAM and hardisk and processor ??
and I'm going to create the network for 30 pcs.....
which device is appropriate for that is hub working or i need switch ???
can you please guide me ??? .....
I really appriciate...



xp runs on many different cpu architectures, including celeron. It depends on what you want the server to do. A good configuration is a couple GB or ram, an intel xeon cpu, and multiple sata drives for backup. that is if you want to back up.

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