Have to Write a report on this technology ..

The:idea: report needs to:

• explain what the technology is;
• explain how it works;
• explain who will benefit from its use and why? Look at this from the commercial perspective and the consumer perspective;
• what alternatives are there? How do they compare?
• are there government policy issues related to the use of this technology?
• is it an open or proprietary technology?


Iam having the same questions as thread, As a greenie to this i understand that ip is what a communication link to the internet, protocol- is the language that the network uses to link itself to the other lines.
tcp/ip is is a communication protocol that computers are required to follwas they commune with each other
to attempt to answer your questions, tcp ip is essential for general usage, ie the emails programs uses it to connect to the internet
in sending and recieving.
This is usefull but must be used with extreem precaution
especially in business where you need to protect your
space by means of a firewall.

this comes out of a greenie in networking anyone else can help me understand this clearer