Hii Frinds,

In my network there are around 450 users. We have taken a 4 MBPS RF connection for internet .Whole Lan is 100 MBPS and class -A network Id

But there is problem in network. People are not able to get good internet speed . But my router shows , full 4 MBPS usage .

there could be 2 reasons

1) some virus ..which is clagging the networkign with some unnecesaary packets
2) Few people are sucking the whole speed by somehow using torrents ,DAP etc..

Kindly help to identify the problem

Any software which can give me usage by each ip . Right now i am using Suid on Windows as my Proxy server

then one firewall is there . and last is Cisco router

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if you disconnect everyone, connect your computer only, and try the internet speed, is it good enough?

I used to identify bad users in two ways - ocs reports/winventory to scan their installed software, and see if there are torrents/mules/etc installed; use a sniffer on the firewall to see who causes most traffic (paretto style)

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