Hi, ive done a re-format on my Acer Aspire 5630 to Windows XP and have lost the drivers and settings for the network card / lan ?

I have no access to the internet and it doesnt recognize my ethernet cable being plugged in or taken out. also the internet explorer will not connnect to any page.

Is there any way of obtaining these again becuase i would like to access the internet.

Any sites where i can download them from? i have tried the acer site but havnt found anything.

Thank You in advance!

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How would i know what ones to download? and where do i install them once there on my memory stick or cd?


put them on memory stick / cd , take the memory stick / cd to the laptop, then just double click on the drivers and install them like any other program and voila, network card working.

Its one of the Broadcom ones i think, you need to find out which model.


Ive tried all 3 of the Broadcom Drivers and cannot figure out how to install them...

Each driver contains

b57win32 - security file

b57win32 - setup information

b57xp32 - system file

How would i go about installing that onto my laptop ?

Thank You!

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