Ok, I have another question about accessing a computer through a network. Ok, is it possible to require a computer that is attempting to access a network computer to input a user name and password? I've done this before and i forgot how to do it, stupid me, but anyways........leme know how to do this. OH YEAH, im running Win XP Pro. thanks!

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Are you talking about a shared folder here? If so then just go to the properties of the share and look at the permissions then remove the rights for "Everyone" and then assign rights to the accounts that should have access. I usually leave Administrators and System in the access list with full rights.

XP Pro REQUIRES a user name and password. When you add another user in the XP Pro users where you are sharing a resource, if then a user on another machine logs on using that exact username and password and then connects to your first machine it doesn't APPEAR to be requiring a username and password because it is doing passthrough authentication. Meaning that the original username and password that the user entered is silently passed to the machine with the shared resource and if it matches you are logged on to that machine, if not you get a dialog box requesting a valid username and password. This happens BEFORE any required passwords on shares are involved.

commented: I use this method (passthrough authentication) on my Home network and never it had a name THX- JR85023 +1

Hi, i have a similar problem, i have a few computers on my small office network, how may i put a password to my own computer so that others on the network cannot access it?

I have tried accessing my own computer from another workgroup and it is possible to view my shared documents i put up, though i am still requested to enter a password for access another computer even though the two are on the same workgroup.

I have googled like crazy for the past few hours, all i can find is info for passwords on shared files and this is the forum post closest to my situation. In my case i am looking for information about access to the ENTIRE computer restricted on even the SAME workgroup, and protecting the view of my files from other workgroups, i have hidden my computer from view meanwhile but i would like the existence of my computer on the workgroup folder avaliable.

I would be very grateful if any step by step instruction could be given to how it is done. Thanks in advance!

p.s. i am using xp pro as are all my other office computers

Ok! I just network two computers via wireless router. When i try to access the other computer iam promted to enter username and password. I tried all user names and passwords and all of them incorrect. How do i fix this?

U must share Which folder You want to access

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