Hi. Is there a way to force a static IP for the clients that are on my domain.

Now, everybody has it's settings on auto and takes an IP via the DHCP server which works on a win2003 domain server.

What I want is to give everyone a static IP without having to change that on each computer separately (it's around 50 computers scattered around the factory). I want to do it using the DHCP server.

Is there a way to do that ? I'm willing to use a separate software solution if I have to.

Also a link would be appreciated ;)

I don't see how... The ip reservation is not what it seems...I tried it and it just reserves an ip for a computer that has manually setting for a specific ip, so it wouldn't be taken by a PC wich is on auto. Is there another way I'm not seeing ?

the way is to map IPs for computers by their MACs. too long and tedious if you ask me - easier to go pc by pc and chenge their addresses. I once did that on 400 PCs, and it took less than an hour

Well...for me is not that easy. On each computer I have to stop the user from his job then logoff and login as administrator (in the users group policy it is not allowed to do such changes) then change the ip and the logoff again (I can leave the computer at administrators login can I). If you add to this that the computers are not in the same place but rather scattered around in the factory in a seriously big building which includes two floors... I did try the reservation with mac address...as I said before it just reserve the ip for a PC or a device which has manually assigned address so that it will not be used by another computer...it's something like excluding an ip from the dhcp poll.

finding the mac address for each computer is easy for me, using a program "advance ip scanner" which returns you (after a specified range scan) the ip, the host name, the netbios name and the mac address of each computer and device that is connected to your network at the time of scanning.

THANK YOU !!!! That is a perfect solution !!!!