There is something of a media fuss going on over here in the UK thanks to the fact that Ivy Bean is using Twitter. No, she is not some soap star or a topless glamour model and does not have a famous footballer as a boyfriend. In fact her claim to fame is quite a simple one: she is the older person on Twitter.

The clue is in her Twitter username, @IvyBean104. Yes, Ivy is 104 and now she is Twittering. This should come as no great surprise, after all a couple of years ago she was the 102 year old Facebook Frisbee queen.

So far her Tweets have included such pearls of wisdom as "Deal or no deal in 4hrs" and "just had breakfast now chatting to my friend mabel." However, I should not complain seeing as my own (@happygeek) recent Tweets have included such things as "MPs are taking money that has been squeezed out of dinner ladies." What is more, 104 year old Ivy is kicking my ass as far as followers are concerned as well. I have under 400, she has picked up 3000 in just a couple of days!

The silver surfing bug appears to be contagious as The Telegraph reports a number of other residents at the Hillside Manor old folks home in Bradford are also getting online. The home Residence Manager, Pat Wright, says that four have "signed up for 'computer-college’ while others joined Facebook, surf the net and enjoy themselves with ten-pin bowling on the games console."

It's nice to see her active on twitter.Anyone could be part of it and share their ideas to others.