when i connect my pc to the internet my system automatically starts downloading data. what should i do???

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Which operating system?

Do you know what sort of data?

If you don't know what sort of data, then please tell us what is happening, or what you have seen that tells you that data is being downloaded.


Whenever I get connected to the internet my modem interface shows a continuous receiving of data even when I am not surfing or downloading (just connected to the internet).


does it stop after few sceonds ? If so it is normal. If not it can be something other. What is your Anti virus?

goto command prompt ant type "netstat" when this happens (close all the browsers, torrents and other internet using applications before you do this) and you will get a result. take a screen shot or copy paste the result and show us.


Actually everyday after connecting the system downloads data of around 50MB. after taht it stops. I use Microsoft Security Essentials as antivirus. I regularly update it.


Not sure how technical you are, but if you installed a packet capturing application such as Wireshark, you would be able to see where the traffic is coming from (source IP address). You would then take this info and use WhoIs to see which orgination is using this IP.


1.Go to the taskmanager and see if 'iexplorer' process is running or another web browser process is running after closing all internet applications.

2.do a "netstat -n" again and post the reult like this.

3.type "ipconfig" and tell what is your IP address.

4.http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/cports.html Install this netowrk connection viewer. It is supposed to show the applications that uses TCP/IP. and tell us what you see

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