Alright, so i'm facing this problem for a while now probably 3 weeks or so, whenever I press the power button of my system unit, the light shows up, all the fans start spinning, no error beeps, but there is no video on the monitor. However, i do hear the "ting tong" sound of windows 7 via the speakers which means that the windows boots up but there is no video on the monitor. I checked the monitor on another good working computer and it seemed to work fine. However, if i power the system unit ON and OFF for 2 to 3 times, the video comes up on screen when the boot process initiates. Once the video comes onto the monitor, it works flawlessly. I tried cleaning all the peripherals of the system unit but it didn't help resolve the problem. I'm using a Radeon ATI HD 4850 graphic card. Please help.

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Could you tell us more about your computer, please? What make and model? How old? If it's a home built computer, how old is it?

Could you try connecting a different known good monitor to the computer, please? Same problem?

Could you gently push your graphics card into its slot to make sure it is seated properly? Only touch the edge of the card, never touch the Components.

How did you clean the "peripherals"?

I know this is a dumb question, but have you checked to make sure that the video cable is securely plugged in to the back of the computer as well as the monitor itself?

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