just bought a new case for my computer and i swapped everything over. so after doing the swap i boot up my computer and it says "insert bootable device and press any key" it wont read the disk drive or hard drive. so i checked to make sure things were connected correctly and tried to restart but now it wont boot. the fan spins for a quick moment and wont boot.... HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

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If you are sure that the hardware is connected correctly, I would suggest as the next step is to boot into the CMOS/BIOS setup utility to see if the motherboard can detect the storage devices. The problem here is that you are powering up the system and no bootable media is being detected.

Okay i tried that but now the computer wont even power on.... i dont really know what to do now this sucks man..

I'm sorry to hear that. I recall when I first started working with computer hardware support and encountering these issues. its frustrating.

If your computer is not powering up, you may want to recheck your connections. I'd try to get the computer operational with the bare minimum..power, motherboard, cpu and RAM. See if it boots. Then start to plug in additional peripherals.

Once you get the PC stable, try to get into the BIOS and make sure its configured correctly.

A common mistake I see is that the Power supply power control lead to the motherboard isn't seated on the right pins, or +/- are reversed.

Remove the reset control lead to the MB as well. No need for it at this point.

Do what JorgeM said and remove all peripherals and extra equipment. Just get CPU/MEM and boot it to Bios.

Okay i got it i did what JorgeM said and it worked thanks alot guys..

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