Few days ago,suddenly my computer restarted with "We apologize for the inconvenience"....error message.I analyzed and tried to solve it by Restoring,disabling and by checking the startup items which were could be caused for the reason.I also renamed Catroot2 folder and checked my RAM and other hardware devices.I got two Stop error messages during analyzing my Windows XP operating system but i don't have much knowledge about the codes.I would like to request to help me to find out the meanings of following two technical information:

1.Stop:0x0000008E (0x0000003,0x806F46DA,0xF86F0C48,0x00000000).
Stop:0x0000008E (0x0000003,0x806F46DA,0xF7D644FC,0x00000000).

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Good question! Probably only Microsoft can tell you what those errors refere to. They are memory addresses, and I expect that the 3rd hex code (0x00000000) is a null-pointer violation. Best guess? You got hacked with a virus. Time to re-install the OS I think.

Thanks for your reply,but (0x00000000) hex values are mentioned in Parametr 4,then what is 3rd hex code values?i am still confused!,i hope you will never mind to reply me again.Thanks again for your advice.

Use memtest to test your ram, google will easily find it. Second, test your hard drive wirh hdtune, again, google will easily find it.If your computer won't boot at all then you may have to test the hard drive with another computer via a usb adapter.

You need to make sure your hardware is good before trying to repair software or you could just be wasting time.

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