I have been looking for this piece of software for years and have never come across it. Maybe you can help me.

We are a software applications business and we sell several different types of software. We have over 100 customers and they purchase different applications from us. I need to keep track of what version of each software is in each customer site. Also we might sell some hardware and i would like to keep track of this too. And I need to keep track of the various configurations on each site and site specific information, like passwords, remote control support method, general but disparate information.

I imagine that there are lots of companies just like us that need to store this information which can be retrieved by our support staff. We have this data in various excel spreadsheets and wikis etc. But I want to bring it all under one database so that we could list all customers who have x product, or see what hardware and software a particular site has or get the admin password for another site.

What I don't want is a CRM system. I would be interested if a CRM application has this feature as an add-on.

Also, I don;t want a licence manager. We don't sell Microsoft type products that can be discovered on a network.

Thanks in advance.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Here is a package that I use for tracking service tickets and services that I have found to be pretty good and it is free under the GNU license. SIT or Support Incident Tracker. Has the ability to setup most if not all of what you are asking for and runs in php and mysql. Has different levels of support techs with different levels of data access.
Billable and non-billable time tracking.


SiT (Support Incident Tracker) - Support call tracking system
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