Ok so Ive built this PC out of nothing and everything works but screen wouldnt show well thats weird? because i can hear all fans buzzing and that tells me the motherboard is fine but still theres no screen can anyone help please
From RobertHDD

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Just because it makes noises and the fans run doesn't mean the mobo is fine, or anything else. Do you hear any beeps when it starts up? Does it use an internal video adapter built into the mobo, or do you have an external video adapter, or both? How is the monitor connected? VGA? DVI? HDMI? If DVI, are you using a DVI-D or DVI-I cable? What does the monitor take?

No beeps its fine its got a brand new GPU in it and its got a quad core and im using VGA

No beeps means not fine... Video adapter info? Answer my questions please if you want some help. I am a certified technician and electrical engineer. I make no assumptions about your background. I have been factory trained by IBM, AT&T, Apple, HP, and others and have a 30+ year career in computer systems, both hardware and software.

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