As i have old computer which runs windows xp very slowly and the system is:
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20GHz,1GB RAM,Intel 946GZ Express Chipset Family

So tell me is xubuntu is good for my system or not,GOOD means fast and resposive.
Give sugestions to me the poor guy...?


Other than upgrading the memory a little, I see no problem using xUbuntu.

You may want to go up to 4gb if possible.

Yep...! but it cost too much as i am just a student.

If you already know that XP runs too slow, wipe the machine and give it a try by either reinstalling XP (a fresh install of Windows generally results in a better performing system) or try installing xUbuntu.

Either way, you want to know if its good or bad.. what may be good to someone else may be bad for you. since you arent willing/able to spend on upgrading, i assume that not spending is good for you. So the answer is logically... its good.

so u mean its good for xubuntu...!

Yes, as far as I know it will run with 1GB of memory.

Thnks mate im new to computing..!

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