my son turned on my lap top and claims he did nothing else but it went to a screen I have never seen before it said start up recovery it ran for two hours . Once it finished all I had was a blank screen and the curser was visable. So I turned it off by holding the power button. I waited ten minutes and turned it back on . The safe mode screen came up because it was shut down wrong . I tried rebuting it using everything on the screen my laptop will still not boot up. I have even removed the battery and still nothing. I have an acer aspireone with a windows 7 startup operating system so my question is did he fry my laptop?

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It may be that the restore option has been started but hasn't completed properly for some reason. Do you have restore discs? There might even be a restore partition. Please tell us which model Acer Aspire One you have.

If there are files you would like to recover before the drive is "wiped", please tell us.

I have the Aspire One D257-1497. There are files I would have prefered not to loose but at this point my only concern is being able to use my laptop

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