Hi, I have a intel motherboard. Model DG41RQ. I am using this from one ad half year. Recently i am ftching problems with all the USB ports. I like USB. Thats why my Keyboard and Mouse are usb. But they are not working now. I have enabled USB legechy from my Bios. I have uninstall drivers from device maneger. Restart my pc. But the drivers is not installing properly. I have downloaded motherboard driver with USB driers from intel website. Install them But still fatching same problem. Is there any other way? Can anybody help me?

Well, if it was working, and now isn't, then either some software update has munged the system, or you have a hardware failure. I would guess the latter (hardware). Most PC's have multiple USB hubs internally with separate connections and chips. You might try another port, or other ports, to see if one of them still works for you. If not, then take it in for service. Most system warranties are for 1 year these days, but often you can get a 3 year warranty for a bit more $$. If it is under warranty, you should be "golden". If not, then you will have to pay something for the repair, or replacement with a refurbished motherboard.

FWIW, Intel is pretty good with in or out-of-warranty service. Even if out of warranty, if you complain loudly enough, they may do the repair gratis.