Hello. I have this usb(4gb) which was given to us for free but it's been partitioned. one is 17.7 mb the other is 3.62 gb its not much or anything but its kind of irritating me because instead of only 1 removable disk i have 2 listed. How to remove/merge the 17.7mb part? I tried to reformat it but system says it is write protected. Ive tried DISKPART and editing the StorageDevicePolicies but nothing happens (as its suppose to make the usb formattable) If anyone can help me out thatd be great!

windows 8.1, 64 bit OS

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Look around for the old but still usefull HP USB FORMATTING tool.

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Assuming you don't need anything on the device, just reformat it as a raw drive. Then, add a partition, and format that with the file system you want to use. Simple with Linux. More complex (more steps) with Windows.

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