I just purchased an HP all in one printer and scanner but because I use Linux I can't scan directly to my desktop. As a result I'm having to scan to email and I just noticed that my picture file size was only 244 KB. That's seems small to me and I'm worried that the scanner lacks in the quality departement. I've already check the settings and there's no where to set or change the DPI of scans. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Which distro are you using? What scanner?

I'm using Linux Mint and my printer/scanner is the HP ENVY 5642. After looking at HPs Linux support page I found that the HP Linux program HPLIP program does not support this model printer/scanner, although I can still print without a problem. I can either take it back and loose my tax free purchase and try and find another printer online (that I'll have to wait for and pay shipping costs) or I can just use the scan to email or scan to memory card feature. I guess what I really want to know right now is what do you all think of a scanner giving me a scanned image that's only 244 KB in file size. Is that okay? It just seems like a really low grade scan to me. It could also just be a feature that the scanner uses when it's scanning to email but would be much better if scanned to a card or directly to a computer.

You need to use sane/xsane to scan directly to a file in Linux. That is separate from the CUPS printer driver. I assume that the HPLIP program uses CUPS for actual printer output. I use xsane to scan with my Epson scanner.

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