Laptop will no longer go straight to pages/sites if I've let it sit for more than a few minutes without use. It can take as long as 10 minutes for me to get to any site. Instead all I keep getting is the Problem Loading Page at the top and then the Server Not Found box. I use Firefox and have updated it to the latest edition. But it happens in Google Chrome and IE, so search engine is not the issue. Once I get it going it will work and go to the pages I want but it may suddenly flip back to the problem again and I have to click and click and click on "try again" many times to get it to go again. It's dragging way down on the speed of getting to the sites as well. This all started about 2 months ago - nothing occurred at the time to trigger it that I can recall. Laptop is less than a year old, currently protected by Kaspersky Pure (had Norton 360 and got rid of it), and I've run 2 deep scans for malware using 2 free download programs that were highly recommended (Malware Bytes and Super Antispy Ware) but they never find anything. I've gone thru all of the firewall configuring steps as well and it's not that.

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Does it only happen when using wireless? Have you tried it wired?

To use it with a LAN cord I'd have to sit on the floor directly below our TV. That's completely impractical. There are 4 other computers in the house on the wi-fi and only mine has this problem.

But I think what Rik is proposing is that it might be a problem with your computer. It's worth doing a test using ethernet cable for a half hour and see if you experience the problem. This way we can rule that out.

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